Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Informed Choices - Beyond Pesticides

May 25, 2011

Watch National Pesticide Forum Videos and More on the Beyond Pesticides YouTube Channel

The recently launched Beyond Pesticides YouTube Channel features keynote presentations and panel sessions from our 29th National Pesticide Forum held April 2011 in Denver, CO. While nothing beats attending the conference in person, we want to share the videos as an educational resource for individuals and groups working to change pesticide policies.

Featured videos included with the initial launch include:

-- Pesticides 101: An introduction to pesticide issues (Caroline Cox)
-- Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides: Stopping the demise of honeybees (Tom Theobald, James Frazier, PhD, Marygael Meister)
-- Genetically Engineered Food: Failed promises and hazardous outcomes (George Kimbrell)
-- Health and Science Panel (John Adgate, PhD, Dana Boyd Barr, PhD, Christine Parks, PhD, Changlu Wang, PhD)
-- Beyond Lists: Where did all those pesticides come from? (Theo Colborn, PhD)
-- The Polluters: The making of our chemically altered environment(Ben Ross, PhD)
-- Organic Land Management: From lawns to landscapes and beyond (Chip Osborne, Tom Kanatakeniate Cook, Timothy Lee Scott, Rella Abernathy, PhD, Lani Malmberg)
-- Organic: United We Stand (Maria Rodale)

Additional videos -featuring interviews, online trainings and more- will be posted in the coming weeks. Individuals and organizations are invited to submit their own videos to be included on the Beyond Pesticides’ channel.

Gateway on Pesticide Hazards and Safe Pest Management
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Each pesticide name below will take you to chemical information pages with links to factsheets, basic chemical, alternatives, health and environmental effects, regulatory status, key studies and more. See also Beyond Pesticides' pest management resources, health effects and other factsheets, and activist tools.

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Health effects factsheets and articles

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