Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York City Rally- NO to GMO!!

There he is, my son... at the New York City Rally
NO to GMO!!

My son Patrick and his beloved Karen are part of the NYC Rally this very moment. He knows the importance of Organic... it is his way of life and at the heart of all his product offerings!! CHEERS!!!

To live the pleasures of good health, to nourish creative ideas, to develop a safe and highly serviceable line of products, to be ethical, to be supportive of sustainable organic farming, to take the position that food/seed are to be respected for their inherent natural intelligence, to hold that no corporation, no self serving enterprise is to have the freedom to control, contaminate, manipulate, food/seed and deny free access to farmers and consumers... this my son's position, No to GMO!

Yes, responsible action, means to walk the walk
and talk the talk.

•Be Informed

•Take Action
Organic Consumers Association:
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

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