Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HEADLINES AND ALERTS READ... Monstrous Monsanto, advancement of GMOs, banning of raw milk, unresolved food labeling requirements demanded by the people, toxic adulterating of food, corporate bailouts at the expense of the people... where has reason and resolve gone?? STOP STOP STOP. There is beauty, care, understanding, love among the peoples of the world, there is gratitude, aspiration and vision among the seekers, the doers, WAKE UP ... do not allow the few in power to dominate the many ... let your voices be heard ... we deserve TRUTH. WE THE PEOPLE MUST AWAKEN. Yes, DELIVER US FROM DECEPTION !!

Following are issues that call for your attention, your consideration and your conscious action.
Come On...not another sellout... again profit over well being of people.... tell them NO!!
Miracle Gro Deal with Wildlife Federation Outrages Environmental Community | Safelawns Daily Post an

When reason knows no heart... this is destructive... humanity cannot be treated as if it is simply a new program to put into place. No Bill Gates... NO TO GMO!!

Obama Administration says, "No raw milk for you."

This is INSANE!! Where have the principles of right intention and TRUTH gone? ???????????? Deliver us not unto deception... a prayerful plea to post - post - post!!

Thank You for knowing that you are the difference makers!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mother Nature Gets a Hug... LORAX...

...a poetic word ...a public platform ...the vision held ...
the quest defined ...the mission ensues...


Give the difference makers your support!

Sign on as requested...

YES, Mother Earth is getting a hug for sure.

Congratulations on your wonderful work,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Jan 29, 2012 04:26 PM
Voices that resound are indeed heard. This just received:

Dear Rose Marie,

A few days ago, you got an email about our petition asking Universal Pictures to change their Lorax movie website to be more green. This was important to us because when we grow up we will really want a healthy planet, so we worked hard to change the world.

This week we found out we did it! Woo hoo! Now visitors will see a gruvvulous "Go Green" Truffula tuft button that Universal put on their big website -- the button links to a whole page of tips about how to help the environment. You, yes you, and 57,238 others helped us put it there by signing our petition.

We are so proud! Some adults say they're role models for kids, but we think we're being role models for adults. We are also proud because so many of you helped us. Even though we might be little we can still make a lot of change in anything we work hard at.

Our petition was so much fun. You can make one at, too -- just click here! We were super psyched and wanted to check signatures every second! We graphed how many, but it blew right off the poster! It's great for people to be caring about the environment!

To wrap up, we'd just like to say:

Thank you so much for all your support.
We needed Universal to be a good sport.
We are the changers, the changers that say,
"Thank you so much on this glorious day!
You helped us a ton," we needed to say,
"We couldn't have done it any other way."


- Ollie, Lanie, Georgia, Zoe, Jake, Alex, Jacob, Sophia, Ben, Miky, Jeffery, Camily, Vikrum, Lulu, Nicole, and Ted (aka Mr. Wells)

Lorax Victory!

"You helped us a ton," we needed to say, "We couldn’t have done it any other way."

- Mr. Wells's 4th Grade Class

Friday, January 6, 2012

He Sings Out ~ This is your calling Wayseer..

Garret John LoPorto

This is for you...

This is your calling Wayseer
You’ve found your tribe
Welcome home…
Welcome home to a family of 7 billion souls – struggling to survive
Welcome home to a planet in desperate need – a tiny dot of life – hurling through the outer reaches of space alone
Welcome home to your generations calling – to heal this world

Society is sick but you have a unique capacity to change things
because your awakened mind can replace the thousand dysfunctional rules of society
with just three simple guidelines
Turn on. Tune in. and Drop Out.
Each of these sacraments builds on the next… First you must…

Turn on – to what you are.
You’re wild and intuitive and you take it too far. Your ability to see out of the cage.
Lets you take us all – to the next stage.
Doesn’t matter – what the experts claim -
You got the vision that’ll change the game
Now you know what you came here for.
You got the keys to unlock the door
Turn on to what you are.
Tune in the Sacred Light.
Drop out of all the lies.
Turn on to what’s inside.

you might have felt alone
Cuz you were different in a world that never understood you
Authority figures looked down on you – you wouldn’t conform to their expectations
You wouldn’t give in to their misguided rules and you didn’t respect their unjust systems
you just knew there was a better way
Deep inside you could feel the heavens open up -
starlight beaming down upon your consciousness
trying to remind you of the higher calling you came here to fulfill
trying to incite you to riot against the prison walls erected inside your mind
trying to get you to experience the revelation that awaits you
when you

Tune in – to the Sacred Light.
Giving the authority to the power inside. The Way, the Truth, the intelliegence of Life.
Lay claim to what society denied.
Love – unites us (all). Doesn’t
matter what you call it – just that you call.
tap – the ancient wisdom of creation
Let your mind fill with light and revelation
[Now you’re flyin with divine revelation]
Turn on to what you are.
Tune in the Sacred Light.
Drop out of all the lies.
Turn on to what’s inside.

Now you’re turned on.
you’re tuned in.
You see things differently.
You see the answers that are intertwined and contained inside of the problems.
You see the opportunities to create better systems that shed light into this world.
(But don’t get hooked on your new ideas.)
You see all those helpless souls still stuck in their systems?
You know attachment is what keeps them there…
You know programs are the shackles that bind your consciousness -
But they’re only supported by your choice to stay hooked into images from the past
At any time you can withdraw your support from old structures
that are no longer helpful or necessary
That’s when you exercise the third step…

Drop out of all the lies.
Sure the system had you – till you opened your eyes
Bad habits, Status, Greed and compromise
That’s all just slavery in disguise.
Don’t get hooked on nonsense from the past
You gotta realize nothing man made will last
men can’t offer a permanent solution
That’s why we need this nonstop revolution
Turn on to what you are.
Tune in to the Sacred Light.
Drop out of all the lies.
Turn on to what’s inside.

Click here and listen ~ feel the "Potential Made Real"

An Added Word...

This the Educational Reform of 2012
All Learners ~ Potential Made Real

This the 2012 Manifesto!!