Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HEADLINES AND ALERTS READ... Monstrous Monsanto, advancement of GMOs, banning of raw milk, unresolved food labeling requirements demanded by the people, toxic adulterating of food, corporate bailouts at the expense of the people... where has reason and resolve gone?? STOP STOP STOP. There is beauty, care, understanding, love among the peoples of the world, there is gratitude, aspiration and vision among the seekers, the doers, WAKE UP ... do not allow the few in power to dominate the many ... let your voices be heard ... we deserve TRUTH. WE THE PEOPLE MUST AWAKEN. Yes, DELIVER US FROM DECEPTION !!

Following are issues that call for your attention, your consideration and your conscious action.
Come On...not another sellout... again profit over well being of people.... tell them NO!!
Miracle Gro Deal with Wildlife Federation Outrages Environmental Community | Safelawns Daily Post an

When reason knows no heart... this is destructive... humanity cannot be treated as if it is simply a new program to put into place. No Bill Gates... NO TO GMO!!

Obama Administration says, "No raw milk for you."

This is INSANE!! Where have the principles of right intention and TRUTH gone? ???????????? Deliver us not unto deception... a prayerful plea to post - post - post!!

Thank You for knowing that you are the difference makers!!


  1. Thanks for all the good infromation. Yes, it's up to people to say no to this profit driven madness.

    Kind regards,

    1. It is encouraging to know others share in your concern as well as in your vision. Thank You for being here. Your comment bears appreciation.

      All the best on to you Mike.

      Rose Marie

  2. I posted this article on my fb fan page a few days ago, but I should post it again. You would be amazed how many people are disgusted by what is going on. It's far more than I imagined and I no longer feel like I'm alone in this fight. Family members thought that I was crazy or an extremist for even mentioning things like the Food Modernization Act, but I know that these laws are crazy not me.

    If I may, I would like to share another battle on the rise. Someone posted it on my fan page and I've posted and tweeted about it to spread the word. Please continue to spread the word, for it is a petition to stop yet more insanity on the way:

    Again, it's comforting to know that you are an ally Rose! Keep fighting, for I dare to believe that we will be free of this fiasco that is being imposed on us one day soon.