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There’s a lot more to the pineal gland than meets the eye

Anatomy of the inside of the brain,
the pineal and pituitary glands, optic nerve, ventricles
(with cerebrospinal fluid shown in blue), and other parts of the brain.

There’s a lot more to the pineal gland than meets the eye

The pineal gland is the one organ that you should be paying a lot more attention to, especially if you care about your health – and sleep. And yet, the pineal gland is one of the most enigmatic and least known of all the endocrine glands of the human body. Hopefully that will change soon as mankind begins to realize its importance.

It is small, actually one of the smallest organs in the body, and yet make no mistake, the pineal gland is one of the most influential and important organs in your body. I’m just surprised why the medical community always downplays the significance of the pineal gland and assumes it only produces melatonin, when there is a lot more that it does.

In size, it is no larger than 1cm across, and is located deep inside the brain, practically in the middle of the head. Has it occurred to you why the pineal gland would be seemingly accorded such protection? You may still hear doctors today dismissing the pineal gland as a “throwaway of evolution,” but far from that, the pineal gland is HIGHLY important in sleep, overall health, growth, and psychic or sixth sense development.

Many eminent scientists thousands of years ago have already speculated as to the function of the pineal gland. Galen the Greek philosopher (130-210 AD) believed the pineal gland was an important part in the channeling of “psychic pneuma” in the brain “ventricles.”

pineal-gland-and-pituitary-glandDuring medieval times, Qusta ibn Luqa (864-923) wrote that “people who want to remember look upwards because this raises the worm-like particle, opens the passage, and enables the retrieval of memories from the posterior ventricle. People who want to think, on the other hand, look down because this lowers the particle, closes the passage, and protects the spirit in the middle ventricle from being disturbed by memories stored in the posterior ventricle.”

The French scientist Rene Descartes (1596-1650) described the pineal gland as “the seat of the soul.” In the New Age movement, the pineal is regarded as the “third eye” that grants man the ability to have spiritual insight and heightened sixth sense ability – Something which I’m inclined to believe.

I would also urge you to question the rationale behind the fluoridation of public drinking water, even though, fluoride has absolutely minimal role in preventing cavities or osteoporosis. In fact, fluoride is a highly toxic substance that crystallizes within the pineal gland and calcifies it, rendering it virtually incapacitated. And osteoporosis cases have been on the rise for the past several decades. Is there a relation between fluoride and rising insomnia cases, especially in the West, where all the water has been heavily fluoridated?

That’s why doctors can see the pineal gland in X-ray scans easily, because all that fluoride in our drinking water has turned our pineal glands into virtual fossils. In case you didn’t know, fossils are the remains organic tissue that got replaced with a mineral, and hardened (turned into stone).

Fluoride was heavily used in concentration camps because it dulls the thinking, senses, and whatever psychic abilities humans have, rendering them more easily controllable. Conspiracy theories aside, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that fluoridated water is one of the causes of rising insomnia cases and (other health woes) in many societies around the world (where the water is fluoridated).

Article Source: Sleep Enough

An Added Word

Attention, Focus, Lighting and the Pineal Gland

Rose Marie Raccioppi

The pineal gland is indeed related to creativity and focus. Fluorescent lighting has an adverse effect on the pineal gland. It is for this very reason that I do not have any such lighting in my home nor in my office. A child's ability to sustain focus and attention on the printed page is adversely compromised under the duress of fluorescent lighting. Yes, I have learned to take all into consideration when working with a child to develop reading mastery ( Through the use of APOGEE Cognitive Kinesiology, the stress experienced from fluorescent lighting is shown to lower the energy flow in particular meridian pathways. APOGEE Cognitive Kinesiology is a process that allows the student to understand the integrative action of the mind-body energy system. The extent of the effect on particular pathways ultimately determines how attention, focus, and perception will be influenced. For some, extended length of time under fluorescent lighting, results in headache, restlessness and fatigue. In assessing behavior, one need take into consideration those environmental and systemic factors that can enhance or compromise physical, mental and creative endeavors.

And so Fluoride... what is is... and why NOT... Fluoride Deception { Mike Adams Natural News.TV } - YouTube -


  1. Fluorescent lighting is one of my main migraine triggers!

    It has been strange to me throughout my adult life that people pay attention to different parts of the body, but not the body as a whole. As in fluoride may help teeth, but what is it doing to the rest of the body. We're not organs and parts, we're a whole complete functioning organism!

    1. I have had some students experience nausea along with a headache when under fluorescent lights... they reported that the print on the page began to quiver as they attempted to read. Take to the sun dear Theanne... When I read in the light of the sun I can feel the energetic difference. Thank You for your post.

  2. This is HUGE news and no one is talking about it. The Lancet, the world's oldest and most prestigious medical journal, recently published a report classifying Fluoride as a dangerous neurotoxin. The report puts Fluoride in the same category Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury.

    We are literally being mass medicated with a dangerous chemical that disrupts the health of our brains, especially in children. Many of us have suspected this for a long time, but it is insane to see the worlds top medical journal confirming it.

    Don't believe what I have written here. Read the report for yourself and share with everyone you know.

    CNN have disclosed the same:

    And Harvard have recently published a study proving that fluoride lowers IQ in children:

    Is it now time to start making or buying natural, non fluoride toothpaste? Here are some recipes to choose from, however please research, as there are thousands of ways to achieve excellent oral hygiene, without the use of toxic chemicals: