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Keeping the Home Runs Safe and Green!!

Keeping the Home Runs Safe and Green!!

Global Sports Alliance (GSA) is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy environment for our future generation!

Pesticide-Free Cooperstown

GSA New York is working to promote environmental stewardship at Doubleday Field, the iconic 'Birthplace of Baseball' in Cooperstown, New York. Having received a grant from the State of New York and Cornell University, GSA-NY Team Captain Kevin Trotta and Doubleday Field head groundskeeper Joe Harris have teamed up on a project to manage this historic ballfield without conventional, synthetic pesticides. 

Voted the Sports Turf Managers Association’s 2004 Baseball Field of the Year, this village-owned diamond hosts nearly 300 events per year. This extraordinary schedule presents a world class management challenge. Unlike a residential lawn, sports fields are subjected to the tremendous demands of withstanding intensive usage under a range of climatic conditions. 

This stress leaves the field vulnerable to amplified pressures from common problems like weeds and turfgrass diseases. The conventional strategy of addressing turfgrass pests with synthetic pesticides has come under increased scrutiny as the general public weighs the potential health and environmental risks associated with these chemicals. 

These concerns have prompted the progressive Village of Cooperstown and the Doubleday Advisory Committee to work with Kevin and move toward the complete elimination of synthetic pesticides by exploring and implementing alternative means of management.

Kevin and Joe hope to bring attention to the link between land care decisions and environmental responsibility. The Village of Cooperstown is located on the southern tip of Otsego Lake. This lake is the birthplace of the mighty Susquehanna River, which begins its 444 mile journey here to the Chesapeake Bay (715 km). 

GSA New York has strong ties to both the Chesapeake and Doubleday Field, having participated in sports field education at the ballfield and as a supporter of Cyclists for the Bay. This connection presents the opportunity to set an eco-friendly example and demonstrate strategies that link sports field management and environmental stewardship, promoting the ecoflag message - Think environment ! 

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Source: Global Sports Alliance NEWS: 08/28/2012

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