Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Price Profit

What price profit at the cost of our health and well being... this is not to go unnoticed... we are NOT to have our children become a corporate profit experiment... the campaign for NO to GMO must be made, stronger... our outcry on behalf of the health of our children MUST BE HEARD!!!

Coalition Drops Opposition to Dow’s Genetically Engineered Crops -

When reading this article it became clear that a tradeoff of well being is clearly being made for corporate control and profit. What absurdity of thinking are we willing to accept?  Have we not come to learn and appreciate that there is an intelligence beyond man's comprehension in plant and animal life. When will we look at the growing disease states that have come to run rampant as a result of impaired immune system function. Chemical manipulation, DNA manipulation, toxic pesticides, have not brought about wellbeing, nor have they supported the growth and development of our growing children. How many more studies need there be before what is obvious harm will gain acceptance?  Are we to allow corporate profit and control to take precedent over sound thinking and the health of the populace? You decide... your action, individually and collectively can and will make a difference... Let your voice be heard... your position be known!!! 

Organic Consumers Association: Millions Against Monsanto

Occupy not your style? How about organizing a Millions Against Monsanto rally or event? Contact us for flyers, posters and petitions and tell us about your event so we can help you mobilize. .... I never signed a contract. If I would go to St.
California is poised to be the first state with mandatory GMO labeling laws through the 2012 California Ballot Initiative process. Polls show support to get this initiative on the ballot & voted in. Over 80% of those polled supported mandatory labeling.

Support the California GMO Labeling Ballot Initiative

A win for the California Initiative would be a huge blow to biotech and a huge victory for food activists. Monsanto and their minions have billions invested in GMOs and they are willing to spend millions to defeat this initiative. California is the 8th largest economy in the world. Labeling laws in CA will affect packaging and ingredient decisions nation-wide.The bill has been carefully written to ensure that it will not increase costs to consumers or producers.

A moment of your time, an action on your part, and the well being of our children will be supported... our children are suffering from digestive disorders resulting from GMO ingested foods... Institute for Responsible Technology - 10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

Human studies show how genetically modified (GM) food can leave material behind ... and disorders such as autism, reproductive disorders, digestive problems, and ... we start protecting ourselves, and especially our children who are most at risk. ... GMO contamination has also caused economic losses for organic and ...

BE informed... take action... our children deserve no less!!!

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