Saturday, January 25, 2014

YOU are The Forum... The FORCE...

Dearest of Friends, near and far,

Our sustainability, our health and the ultimate health of our planet will come forth from our perceptions, our deceptions, our understanding, our ignorance. We of HUMANITY are the keepers, the decision makers, the difference makers. How we LIVE this gift of LIFE, personally, as a family, as a community, as a global consciousness, determines what is sustained, what is destroyed, what is changed. FORCE begets FORCE. FORCE repeals FORCE. Let us BE in accord with the FORCE that echoes... it is... 
Freedom ~ Omnipresence ~ Revelation ~ Creation ~ Eternal. 
It is LIFE and Purpose as ONE. It is YOU. 

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Founder/Director, The APOGEE Paradigm™

When viewing this post, a dear friend, said Yes, YODA speaks.. and so here shared... YODA 

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